here you can find some of the more frequent questions we get asked about toem. as well as suggestions on how/where to go next!

Where can I play TOEM?

You can play TOEM on the following platforms:



Frequently asked questions

Question: help, i'm stuck/missing an item and don't know how to progress!

answer: as much as we would like to help all of you, the best thing you can do to keep going is looking it up online.

Question: My achievement/trophy won't activate?

answer: As far as we know, they should trigger correctly, try re-doing the requirements!

Question: Why is there no ps4 version of the game?

answer: We never really got to it, with releasing for switch and ps5 being a completely new experiences for us! it ends up being a bit overwhelming sometimes...

Question: My problem can't be found here!

answer: for more specific problems you can always email us and we will see if we can help!

Known issues and status of it

Game freezes after taking a photo

If this happens, that means that google's webp library is not working correctly on your platform. we have no control over this and can't help you resolve it.

PS5 infinite loading screen

We really, really tried figuring out a solution, but in the end, there's only so much we can do.

3.0.5 attempts to catch all errors the game throws during loading but if you're still experiencing it, you'll have to start a new game😢

Steam deck lacks custom support

We are aware that some features on the steam deck (such as gyro) isn't working, we are not looking into adding it at this point!

Steam deck Controls not working

This happens because Steam Deck is recognized as a Keyboard

Try switching to Steam Deck's beta branch and re-verified the game files.